Garden Om Hemp Co.

Honest, transparent and ethical CDB supply chain for brands.

Our full-spectrum cannabinoid oil is ethically grown and produced, 100% organic, highly concentrated, chemical-free and solvent-free


Creating the most effective and cleanest CBD products with you.

We’re seeking like-minded brand partners whose mission and ideals align with ours, and can incorporate our cannabinoid oils into their products in interesting, innovative, delicious and effective ways.

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Grown in the USA in small batches using organic farming methods

We pay above market rates to the famers who grow our Hemp, by purchasing from Garden Om, you’re supporting American Farmers and their families.

It’s important that you know your CBD source, we guarantee the authenticity of the oil and can trace back to the farmer and know exactly what has happened to the hemp from seed to extraction.


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We produce the highest quality and most potent Full-spectrum CBD

Our Hemp plants are superior breeds, meaning they produce ultra-high levels of CBD and low THC.

We only deal in full-spectrum oil, we never use isolate or chemically derived CBD.

All of our oil is extracted using supercritical co2 extraction methods meaning there are no additional chemicals added to the final product.


Full spectrum oil

A secure, safe and reliable supply chain of CBD oil for you

We have a wide range of CBD oil and CBD products available to brands and companies.

All of our orders come with Full lab data for potency, contaminants, terpenes and Certificate of Analysis (COA).

A unique benefit of working with Garden Om is that our bulk oil clients get access to the farms that grew the hemp plant. Allowing you to create content to use in your marketing materials.

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We don’t stop at CBD, there is more to explore.

We are actively progressing with tests to understand how some of the lesser known cannabinoids affect the human body, with active research into the combination of Terpenes and Cannabinoids.

Our genetics roadmap is advanced and we have plants producing high levels of CBN and CBG which will be farmed in 2019.



Garden Om farms exclusively in the USA using small batch farmers, we then buy back the crop from the farmer above market rate supporting their families.

The whole hemp plant is then extracted via supercritical Co2 extraction processes to create our Full spectrum CBD Oil complete with all the natural terpenes from the plant.

We offer our customers a range of packaged products to choose from, be it to create a bottled oil or topical lotions.


See our grow operation

We have over 25 years experience with breeding, growing and harvesting the cannabis plant. We use our expertise to continuously improve our hemp cultivars, and to breed new cultivars for specific traits.

All of our hemp is organically farmed by licensed famers, we know where your CBD comes from.