An ethical farming program designed to yield more profit and freedom for farmers.
It's farmer first. 

Our hemp clones and feminized seeds are grown organically in greenhouses and bred for low THC, High CBD yields.

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Contract farm our new cultivars of Hemp, designed to help farmers become more self-sustainable, more profitable, more successful.


500% higher CBD yields

Farming is difficult. Its hard to generate profits, we understand the problems and have created Hemp plants that yield more CBD per pound allowing you to grow less plants to generate more profits.


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Organic and pesticide free

All of our plants are grown and cultivated in a pesticide free environment, we have created many exclusive organic and natural compounds and teas which we make available to you 


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We buy back your crop

After growing the plant for 6 months you don't want to have to worry about market price, that's why we buy back all of your crop for processing and wholesale distribution above market price.


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The new American Farmer

We do what we do because we believe in the liberation of Hemp and what it can do for farmers across this great country, come join us in the revolution and gain more independence and security.



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Our genetics farm in Clark Colorado is at 8,000 ft above sea-level, which makes our Hemp clones hearty and healthy.


Come see our operation
We grow hemp.
We know hemp. 

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