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Garden Om is a premium licensed nursery in Colorado with the highest performing T1 Hemp clone available on the market today- 2019 is set to be the biggest year of Hemp farming in the USA and we want to provide licensed farmers with the highest quality Industrial Hemp Clones with the T1 Hemp Clones

Our T1 mothers for our Hemp clones

Our T1 mothers for our Hemp clones

history of hemp clone?

With lineage from the Cherry Wine the T1 cultivar is a high performing Industrial Hemp plant from Colorado, as well as being a big favorite in Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

  • Ratio 32:1

  • It tests in the region of 8-10% in the dry flower


what can do with your harvest

This year has seen an explosion of consumer interest in Hemp products, we’re seeing many choices for farmers to sell their crop.

  • Full Spectrum Oil

  • Hempcrete

With a flowering time of 45-50 days this plant delivers high yield, thick buds.

The T1 biomass

The T1 biomass

Our T1 Hemp Clone (Dry Flower)

Our T1 Hemp Clone (Dry Flower)

why purchase Genetics from garden Om?

We’ve been working with this plant for over 25 years, and grew these T1 mothers ourselves

  • We stand by the quality and performance of this plant, check out the COA’s

  • Our company is a small farmer setup just like yours, we understand you better than most companies in the market

  • We provide you with a Weekly Q&A from Joe Our Master Grower (Subscribe to our YouTube Channel)

  • 2019 T1 Farmers will be first in-line for contract farming contracts for 2020 with our double market rate buy back

don’t take our word for it

We’re supplying genetics to 100’s of farmers this season, join the Garden Om team in 2019

Join farmers all across the USA.

We’re the #1 supplier of genetics in the USA

We’re the #1 supplier of genetics in the USA

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Garden Om is registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture to grow hemp and Registered Farmer Seed Labeler Ag License ID# ØØ33Z8