Meet the Master Grower:
Joe Jernegan

Joe started growing in the Ozarks moving to the Northwest then back through Oregon before starting a grow supply store for the local growers and dispensaries in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

He’s on a mission to create the best possible product, and create a sustainable system that is good for farmers, business, humans, and the planet.

This is a critical moment in the burgeoning hemp industry. The choices we make now will dictate our future. Will hemp be business as usual? Fattening the pockets of the few? Sacrificing what’s sustainable and ethical for what’s most profitable?

This is our opportunity, to answer those questions emphatically. To create a new business model with new priorities To empower the farmer. To provide safe, natural and effective alternatives to pharmaceuticals with harsh side effects. And to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

We have priorities that reach beyond money. We are in the hemp business, but we are also in the business of doing good for the earth and its inhabitants. We’re here because we give a damn. About farmers, people and the planet. And because we believe in the power of hemp to change things for the better.  

This factors into all that we do, and every decision we make as a company.


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