Our Vision

To create an ethical hemp farming ecosystem where everyone wins.


At Garden Om, we are fostering an entire hemp ecosystem. We breed and develop the hemp cultivars ourselves, work with farmers to promote sustainable farming practices, buy back those same hemp plants from farmers at above-market prices, and oversee the extraction of our cannabinoid oil.

In doing so, we’re able to ensure the best possible product, and create a system that is good for farmers, business, humans, and the planet.

We are in the hemp business, but we are also in the business of doing good for the earth and its inhabitants. We’re here because we care. About farmers, people and the planet. And because we believe in the power of hemp to change things for the better.

This factors into all that we do, and every decision we make as a company: from our relationships with farmers, to responsible growing practices, to the other companies we choose to work with.


Joe Jernegan
Master Grower

Garden Om Founder and Master Grower, Joe Jernegan

Garden Om Founder and Master Grower, Joe Jernegan


Guiding principles

Sustainable farming

We use 100% organic farming practices, with a low milage sustainable approach to doing business we can do so much more good.


Highest quality oil

We have cared for this oil from the moment it was planted, dedicated to providing the purest and most potent oil for holistic effects.

Educating and guiding

We educate our farmers and clients to provide transparency to the industry, knowledge is power and we’re dedicated to guiding our partners through this industry.


With complete transparency.

Committed to providing new levels of transparency to the industry, so that everyone can know their source.