T1 Hemp Clones for sale


A Colorado and Kentucky favorite, organically cloned, high yielding plant - order the T1 cultivar with a 32:1 ratio today.

Garden Om is the USA’s trusted source of Hemp genetics, we’ve grown, harvested and extracted the Oil from the T1 and we’re excited to bring it to licensed Hemp farmers across the country.

At Garden Om we’re here to provide you with the highest quality, and honest product from Colorado - Our T1 Hemp clones are available in trays of 70 potted clones (you’ll receive 72 per tray).

Our goal is to help the American farmers generate profit for their families, we make it simple for farmers to get up and running and Joe our Master grower is available to discuss your growing plans.

Garden Om is a fully licensed Hemp Company and Colorado Nursery AG-LICENSE ID # ØØ33Z8


  • CBD Ratio 32 : 1

  • The dry flower tested at 9.72% CBD

  • The extracted oil contained 77% CBD, 5% CBC and 1.6% CBG

  • The flowering time is 45-50 days

  • Short, stocky plant, resistant to pests and diseases

  • Extracts a beautiful oil popular with a wide range of industries including beauty, wellness and edibles

  • Pickup in person from Steamboat Springs and San Diego, or request overnight shipping

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Farmer testimonials:

This is a view of farmers who have purchased T1 clones from Garden Om, why not join them? Reserve your clones today.

Updated March 17th 2019

Updated March 17th 2019


The clones supplied from Joe at Garden Om were very healthy, rooted well with no bugs no disease, once planted they took off really well, its everything you want, lots of roots, no bugs no disease.

Dirk, Routt County, Colorado


Joe’s plants are healthy and grow vibrantly, good source highly recommended!

Paul, Hayden, Colorado

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  • Minimum order is 4 trays

  • Overnight shipping in boxes of 4 trays (we can only ship in multiples of 4)

  • Pickup in person from SteamBoat Springs, Colorado or San Diego, California

* Pricing subject to change based on availability

Why work with Garden Om?

  • We’ve been working with this plant for over 25 years, and grew these T1 mothers ourselves

  • We stand by the quality and performance of this plant, check out the COA’s below

  • Our company is a small farmer setup just like yours, we understand you better than most companies in the market

  • We provide you with a Weekly Q&A from Joe Our Master Grower (Subscribe to our YouTube Channel)

  • 2019 T1 Farmers will be first in-line for contract farming contracts for 2020 with our double market rate buy back

Questions? Please fill out the clone form and someone from our team will be in touch shortly

T1 Hemp information


Flowering Maturity: 
45-50 days

Sweet Berry and floral

Rich Creamy Blueberry

Large plant, high yield, thick buds

A indica heavy hybrid with close node spacing and a large plant allows for the big thick tight colas.

This plant grows well in cold conditions, and warmer climates, with a big floral berry smell.

T1 COA (Dry flower test)

The T-1 Rooted Clone

The T-1 Rooted Clone

Available in trays of 72, boxes of 288 trays shipped to licensed farmers in the USA