Two Beards™


Two Beards™ is an exceptional plant to grow or ingest. It’s a hardy, indica dominant, hemp cultivar that is pest and disease resistant.

This strain was created by Joe Jerengan, Master grower at Garden Om hemp company and is grown exclusively by our contract farmers in over 6 states.

75 % Indica - 25% Sativa

Dry Flower ratio:

40-45 days

Armpit Berry

Robust Elderberry Creamy

Resin Covered, Silvery Mint Green splashed with a Deep Purple

The amount of resin and all around bag appeal is outstanding for any cannabis cultivar.  Big for an indica both in total plant size and colas. Shorter node spacing, especially considering the size of the mature plant. This allows for long, thick colas with little space between buds.  Its creamy armpit berry taste is one that sticks in your nose and your memory. Hard to forget.

The Two Beards clones are only supplied to our contract farmers.


Dosage varies according to weight and body type.  Eating less than 10-15 mg of oil is a sleeper, above 30mg is calming, 50mg and above the anti-inflammatory properties really kick in allowing for an enhanced feeling of well being along with improved focus and endurance throughout the day. Vaping the Two Beards has similar effects proportionate to dosage.


If pregnant please consult your doctor before taking this product, by purchasing this product you agree to release the manufacturer of any and all liabilities and indemnities. This statement has not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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